Car Elevator Company in Pune

Schneider Elevator India gives you am option to park your car at any floor of a buildig more over it can be customized to suite your need with all modern features. Car Elevators are used to park vehicles inside buildings. These elevators can be used as a parking lot with the building tops and basements. Car lifts are used by automotive companies, parking lots and car service providers.

With the advancement and development of Elevator technology, elevators are no longer considered only for passengers, but they can move cars to the designated floors for parking purpose, which add convenience to our daily l life.

The Astron range is designed with heavy duty durable components, to meet various load capacities requirements which are above two tons. These elevators provide sufcient maneuvering space for automobiles, of different, sizes and shapes that are driven in and out with ease. Astron elevators can also withstand the daily trafc pattern of Vertical transportation, of heavy automobiles with ease precision. Automobile Elevator Moving Solutions with safety and Reliability

Specific Features

General Type
 Key features include Accurate landing, smooth acceleration, comfortable riding, with lownoise operation
 It conserves and save 40% energy in comparison to conventional AC control systems.
 It Enhances and provide High reliability operation in all aspects ( All functions are controlled by micro controller and Its frequency of machine breakdown rates are minimized.)
 There is also a Self checking system built-ininside the micro controlle

Hydraulic Type
It requires smaller installation space than traction(rope) elevators which requires maximum space.
It gives greater advantage for construction design.
 It provides accurate landing and smooth and comfortable riding.
 During power failure the car moves down to bottom oor automatically, which makes more reliable and safe for passenger.
 Safety devices are cut off, when the descending speed of car exceed the pre-determined spee